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Lucky Betta Rescue

Speaking Out for Bettas and Aquarium Fish 

Lucky Betta Rescue is a Non-Profit Rescue where we bring in sick bettas from pet stores and restore them back to health. Once all healed, they would be found a happy forever home! 

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Lucky betta Rescue was created on December 15th, 2020, located in Springfield Oregon. We started out on Facebook, sharing the beginnings of the rescue. Not only do we share pictures and information of our rescues, but also share other fish including other fish owned by the rescue and hatching of fry. At Lucky Betta Rescue, we strive to bring bettas out of situations at pet stores, meaning they were sick upon arrival at store, sick during time on shelf, or even possible neglect to care for the bettas who need it. We take these bettas and heal them back to health, then rehome them to loving families who will give them the care they need. Not only do we rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome, but we also give advice for those who need help with their betta. If you suspect your betta to be sick, we are willing to give the best advice possible. 

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