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What We Do

Our Work: Our Work


As we rescue, we strive to bring in bettas who are sick at a pet store, whether they were sick upon their arrival at the store, sick while being on the shelf, or even possible neglect of care at the store. We take them out of their old position to put them in a new and better one. 



After rescue, we rehabilitate. While they recover, they are put in a 5.5 gallon tank that is filtered and heated to 80°F. Water changes are done daily (every other day) and medication is used if necessary. After use of medication (if used), water changes still continue on a daily (every other day) and then have almond leaves in their tank to help heal. If the rescue has special needs, it will be noted and passed on to the future home if special care must be continued.  



Of course, after rescue and rehabilitation, then it comes to rehoming our rescues. All rescues will be given to those who will care for their needs and will always be persistent. The future owner will understand that these rescues were pulled from a bad position and should not be back in one to keep them happy and healthy. 

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